Dental Hygiene Treatment

Visiting a dental hygienist regularly prevents several issues that might come up with your oral health.

Without a regular dental cleaning regime, you might easily find your teeth are decaying and, in turn, other more pressing issues coming up in the future.

A Dental Hygiene Treatment may include scaling and polishing stains and deposits (such as plaque and calculus/tartar) off your tooth surfaces to treat these concerns, and if necessary can be done so using numbing gels or local anaesthetics.

At Hutt Dental Hub, our dental hygienist can support your tooth-cleaning regime and ensure your oral health is protected.

Learn How To Look After Your Teeth

Based on your specific needs, your dental hygienist will suggest regular dental maintenance appointments to ensure stabilisation and prevention of further concerns, as well as comprehensive advice for ongoing home care.

The Hutt Dental Hub team will give you suggestions about cleaning techniques, cleaning aids, such as toothbrushes, flosses and mouthwashes, while ensuring that everything else, such as your gums and teeth, are healthy and clean.

Your friendly dental hygienists will do a full mouth chart of your gums and teeth and point out any underlying issues that need treatment. We will also give you some suggestions about how you can prevent problems from coming up and what you need to be careful of.

So, let the experienced Hutt Dental Hub team support your oral health and give you all the preventative treatment options that will help you maintain a healthy smile.

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Regularly visiting your dental hygienist is essential to catch any underlying issues and to maintain excellent oral health. Book an appointment today with our experienced team to ensure that your smile stays as healthy and positive as it can and prevent you from having expensive treatments in the future.