A Full Range of Dental Services

Hutt Dental Hub are experts in general dentistry and can solve any complications you might have with your teeth and oral health.

Our professional dentists offer gentle and effective treatments to anyone in need. From dental fillings and root canal treatments to tooth extractions and wisdom teeth removal, our range of services can improve your oral health and smile. The easiest way to prevent the need for general dentistry treatments is through regular checkups and exams. We will support your oral health journey in any way we can and ensure you understand hygiene and treatment needs.

Explore our range of general dentistry services below and contact us if you want your teeth to be the healthiest and best looking they have ever been.

Dental Fillings

Restore holes in your teeth with our composite fillings and prevent further tooth decay. Hutt Dental Hub’s treatments are gentle and ensure your oral health is the best it can be!
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Dental Hygiene

Regular dental hygiene appointments are necessary to stay on top of your oral health. Our hygienist will give you some tips and trick about how to best take care of your teeth and gums!
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Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatments stop the infection and prevent your teeth from decaying. Our dentists strive to stop your pain early and restore your damaged tooth!
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Wisdom Teeth

Your wisdom teeth might have to be taken out if they come out at the wrong angle, your mouth isn’t big enough, you have gum disease or they’re impacted. Our dentists extract these teeth gently!
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Tooth Extraction

We always try to restore teeth with various treatments but sometimes removal is required. Our dentists will ensure your extraction goes smoothly and as pain-free as possible!
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Dental Guards

Dental night guards prevent damage from teeth grinding or bruxism. Hutt Dental Hub creates custom made solutions that are sure to improve your oral health!
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