Do you want to improve your smile?

Are you unsatisfied with your teeth and current smile? Always wanted to improve your appearance but didn’t know how?

A smile makeover is the process of improving your smile’s appearance through one or more cosmetic dentistry procedures. You could be unhappy with your smile for many different reasons: your teeth alignment and spacing, missing or chipped teeth, the colour or proportions of your teeth. Every set of teeth is different, so the dentist will make a personal assessment and discuss a plan for your new smile. At Hutt Dental Hub, we can help you whatever your starting point!

Design your new smile!

At Hutt Dental Hub, we love helping our clients achieve a look they have always wanted and gain their confidence back. While working on cosmetic dentistry treatments, we also often see an improvement in the oral functions of the teeth, rather than just the aesthetics, so this plan is an excellent option for everyone!

Some of the cosmetic dentistry procedures that could be used include:

One method during the assessment that the dentist may use is DSD. Digital Smile Design is a tool to create a virtual 3D smile of which the result can be shown and discussed with you. This innovative and modern option is great for helping you decide what you want your teeth and smile to look like and give you the opportunity to see different versions on yourself!

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